White, pink, beige, green, yellow — all legitimate colors for scoops of ice cream atop a crispy cone. If you think about the cool, creamy, classic summer dessert staple, really any color comes to mind except for maybe, well, black.

First spotted in the U.S. as a coconut ash flavor last summer at New York City’s Morgenstern’s, rich black sesame ice cream has actually existed in Japan for years. Squid ink ice cream can be found overseas, as well, but Los Angeles’ Little Damage Ice Cream Shop’s almond-charcoal creation is the only black ice cream that also comes in a gothic black cone, adding infinitely to its coolness factor.

Charcoal has been popping up recently in other trends, as well. It came to the pressed juice scene with claims that it had detoxifying properties, and has also been added to mud masks and other beauty products, like face masks and pore strips, with claims of similar benefits.

The charcoal reportedly doesn’t add a ton in the way of flavor to the treat, so other dark ice creams, like this black licorice flavor, might give your taste buds more of an adventure.

But even if you’re not completely in love with any of the flavors available for this inky ice cream newcomer, scaring your friends with your stained, black toothy grin makes it all worth it.

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