Listen up Preppies! Because you just can’t get enough ’90s nostalgia, Save by the Max diner is gearing up for a re-grand opening. This time it’s coming to the gang’s favorite spot, Los Angeles. The popular Saved by the Bell themed restaurant recently announced the news on Instagram.

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After a year of success, the current Chicago-based Saved By The Max will be ending its run. The pop-up diner opened on June 1, 2016 and was initially only scheduled to serve diners for one month, but daily sell-outs and popular demand kept the restaurant open for a full year.

The restaurant served foods inspired by the show such as AC Sliders, Bayside Burgers, Preppy BLT, and Mac and Screech. The L.A. location will likely have a similar menu.

For a peak inside what the new L.A. location might look like, check out Save By The Max on Yelp, where ’90s lovers have posted nearly 800 photos of the restaurants fun food and Bayside High decor.

The Max returns to Bayside! After a sold out year in Chicago, Saved By The Max is headed to Los Angeles, CA. next!

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