With all of the attention going toward rainbow and unicorn foods recently, it seems like colorful kitchen décor was the natural next step.

Behold the “oil slick” trend. The iridescent jewel-toned color scheme mimics the sheen you can find on spilled oil in the sunlight. The opalescent luster with its brilliant pinks, purples, greens, blues and oranges is mesmerizing to look at.

The trend started to take over fashion, beauty products and gardening accessories as well, but you can find it in the kitchen on glassware, cutlery, flasks, candles and more in a range of prices.


Seen above:

Swell water bottle, Galaxy Collection, Venus ($35)

Hay, Rainbow Stainless Steel Tray ($23)

3-Piece Beta Flatware set ($27)

Warp Iridescent Glass Vase, Tom Dixon ($353)

Rainbow Party Cup ($16)

Hampton Forge Tomodachi 10-piece Knife Set ($40)

Stained Glass Tray,  Iridescent Blue and Bright Orange ($41)

For information on the glazed iridescent porcelain tile backsplash, visit Dehtile.com.





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