Glazed donuts, pretzels, salted peanuts. What is it about a 9-5 desk job that makes you want to eat all the darn time? You barely finish breakfast before your stomach is rumbling for a mid-morning snack or lunch. And let’s not even talk about those late afternoon hunger pangs.

Office workers consume an shocking number of extra calories every year
The average female office worker will eat 100,000 extra calories every year! Pixabay

Whether it’s boredom or temptation that has you giving in to the slice of cake, the calories consumed present a huge cause for concern. According to a recent survey by Dutch food brand Kallø, all of those extra calories add up to a shocking 100,000 extra calories every year for the average woman.

Your eyes probably just popped a little bit, and you might have even put down that potato chip — and that’s a good thing. All those extra calories are, of course, seriously adding to your waistline.

100,000 calories is the equivalent to eating 193 double cheeseburgers or 502 bars of chocolate.

If you go by the 3,500 rule that says you’ll gain one-pound for every 3,500 extra calories consumed, you can expect to gain almost 30 pounds per year! All those extra snacks really just don’t seem with it, huh?

The Sun reports that peak snacking time was found to occur between 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. Friday was found to be the worst eating day over all, with Monday close behind.

Office workers consume an shocking number of extra calories every year
If you need a snack during your workday, it’s best to reach for something high fiber and low in fat. Stick with fresh fruit. Pixabay

These findings don’t just include food. Sugar-laden milky coffees like mochas, lattes and fizzy drinks were found to be among the worst offenders.

Calories aren’t everything, but it’s the quality of these extra snacking calories that is of greatest concern. If you need a pick-me-up during your workday, try to reach for sensible snack like fresh fruit or vegetables.






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