If you’re in the mood for wine, but can’t or don’t drink alcohol, pretty soon you’ll have a solution. An Israeli startup has created O. Vine Wine, a grape infused water that is supposed to taste like your favorite red or white. The beverage made its debut on June 30 at the Fancy Food Show in New York.

O. Vine is the newest comer in the ‘new water’ category. Brands like La Croix and Bai have everyone reaching for the lower calorie seltzer and tea alternatives and skipping out on sugary sodas and soft drinks. O. Vine mixes the smell and taste of wine with clear, spring water. It contains extracts from wine grape skins and seeds, which includes resveratrol, a compound found in red grape skins though to have heart health and anti-cancer properties. Not too shabby for a water replacement.

“Our mission was to create a pure water sensation that not only inspires consumers to appreciate wine’s complex flavors and aromas, but also leverages sustainable principles by reusing the skins and seeds from the wine grapes remaining from the winemaking process,” CEO of Practical Innovation Tal Leizer said in a press release.

It is non-alcoholic, so depending what you’re into that can be good or bad, but the upside is that you can enjoy the taste of wine anywhere. Pregnant women can now also enjoy the taste of wine while they’re staying away from alcohol.

Choose from cabernet, syrah, merlot, and petit verdot if you’re into reds. If you’re into whites you can sip a riesling or a gewürztraminer.

No word on where or when exactly O. Vine will be available, but details are expected to be released on the company’s website soon.

New Wine Water has all the taste without the alcohol

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