April is still weeks away, but Peeps fans will be thrilled to know that several brand new flavors are coming to stores in celebration of Easter 2020. And the new flavors do not disappoint!

Peeps lovers can choose from 5 flavors: Froot Loops (available at Target and Walmart), Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon (available at Kroger), Raspberry Dipped in Crème Fudge (available only at Target), Root Beer Float (available nationwide), and Chocolate Pudding bunnies (available nationwide).

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Along with these new marshmallow treats, Peeps released Peeps-flavors jelly beans and individually wrapped Peeps (available at Walmart)—perfect for your Easter egg hunt!

“The Peeps Brand has become an icon in American pop culture, with it’s instantly recognizable colors, shapes and flavors holiday a special place int he hearts of many for nearly seven decades,” said Caitlin Servian, brand manager for Peeps, in a statement. “We strive to meet the perfect balance of history and innovation by continuing to offer our classic Peeps Chicks and Bunnies, while also bringing new and exciting products to our fans.”

While the new flavors may have an exclusive dealer, classic Peeps flavors will still be available at stores nationwide.

The iconic candy is the most-popular non-chocolate Easter candy in the U.S. More than 700 million Marshmallow Peeps are consumed every year—most of these in the month of April.

For those looking for other ways to enjoy Peeps, the company is bringing back its Kellogg’s cereal as well as its International Delight coffee creamer.

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