Valentine’s Day is all about love—and what candy you’re going to buy to demonstrate that love.

February 14 is a holiday centered around indulgent gifts and treats. The National Retail Federation is forecasting that spending on sweets this season will be strong. Candy is projected to take in a whopping $2.4 billion this month.—smashing last years record by $600 million.

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Of course, what candy you should buy depends on the sugar-coated wishes of your one true love—But it might also depend on where you live. has compiled online sales data from the past 12 years to determine what candies are most popular in each state. The map below illustrates the results:


Key takeaways

Missing the conversation

Conversation hearts were once the darling of Valentine’s Day, but after a change of manufacturer’s hands last year, and the resulting lack of shelf presence in 2019, the little talkative hearts fell out of favor in many areas. None-the-less, they remain strong in several areas, and with Spangler candy company reviving the brand in 2020, they’re sure to be back on top in 2021.

M&M’s on the rise

M&M’s are on the rise. The melt-in-your-mouth bite-sized candies claimed three more #1 spots this year than last year (Arizona, Kansas, and New Jersey).

Cupid Corn shot down?

Candy corn is a polarizing food. Some people despise the tiny try-colored candies, and other apparently want them in holiday-themed colors year-round. Cupid corn is just classic candy corn in a red, pink, and white motif. Though it held strong in several states over the past few years, it’s on the decline. This year, it holds no top spots, and just a few 2nd or 3rd place spots, including Michigan, West Virginia. Ohio, and North Carolina.

So what candy does your state love most this year? Do you agree?

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