Your waistline probably already knew this, but pizza is a staple of the American diet. So much so that 43 percent of us eat it at least once a week and 83 percent of us eat it at least once per month.

For some of us “at least” are the operative words there.

The statistics come from new data analyzed and reported in Technomic’s 2018 Pizza Consumer Trend Report. 

Other emerging trends in the report found customers’ have a desire for more authentic pizza offerings (49 percent). No longer willing to just lump all pizza as “Italian” customers want regional pizza experiences, so Italian pizzas from specific areas of the country are on the rise, as is the preference for American favorites. New York-style pizzas, West Coast-style pizzas and even St. Louis-style and Chicago-style are seeing an increased interest in their respective regions.

When deciding where to purchase pies, 44 percent of consumers said that high-quality ingredients and fresh toppings were the deciding factor — up from 40 percent in 2016. Crust was also a significant component. Forty-four percent of pizza lovers went with a pizza shop because they thought it had the best crust.

Although pizza shops didn’t open in the U.S. until the early 20th century, we now spend more than $37 billion a year on pizza, so pizza shops are always happy to comply with consumer trends. So keep your eyes to your favorite pie shop for some of these national changes to emerge.

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