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If you have ever thought that your living room coffee table should be contributing more to your happiness, then you’ll jump at the chance to get in early on the new coffee table prototype currently raising funds on Indigogo.

The Sobro is a coffee table designed with your connected lifestyle in mind. Sure, you likely already have charging ports, a refrigerator, bluetooth speakers and LED lights at your home, but isn’t America about innovation? Meat, bread and cheese existed already, but it took a California entrepreneur to see that the world needed a cheeseburger. The Sobro brings all of these features together in one place — meaning you never have to get up.

The most prominent feature is probably the refrigerator drawer that keeps beverages and food chilled — and always in reach. Despite the bachelor pad design, the look is surprisingly sleek and could work in rooms beyond the basic mancave.

The table would actually be a great addition to a home theatre or second floor living room where the college dorm room decorating mindset may have crept in, making you think that mini-fridge in the corner is acceptable.

The product’s crowdfunding website promotes the table as elevating “the coffee table from a piece of wood that props up unopened large-format books, to an all-in-one center that connects your powered up life.”

The table will be available in white with black and wood paneling available as additional options if the crowdfunding site raises more than $1 million.




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