McDonald’s fans are still lovin’ it.

In a recent survey for more than 2,000 adults, McDonald’s came out as the clear favorite fast food restaurant thanks to several categories including value and speed of service. Wendy’s claimed second place, Burger King followed in third place. Subway and KFC rounded out the top five.

According to Yahoo! Finance, the survey, conducted by UBS Evidence Lab surveyed 2,029 adults who visited fast-casual restaurants at least once a month.

McDonald’s beat its competitors in a number of categories, but when it comes to fast-food, it seems price matters most. Survey respondents cited McDonald’s good value and promotions as their top two reasons for choosing the burger behemoth. Interestingly, diners also cited those two categories as the only ย reasons that would make them visit McDonald’s restaurants more often.

After good values and promotions, the top reasons respondents cited for preferring one fast food restaurant over another included improved food, new food items, and convenient locations.

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