McDonald’s has carried the “Golden Arches” nickname for decades, but it appears, in one country it’s now the global fast-food giant’s official moniker.

McDonald’s has officially changed its named in China, according to CNN Money. Previously known as Maidanglao, a Chinese rendering of its English name, it switched to Jingongmen, which loosely translates to “Golden Arches.”

Not everyone was happy with the news. Chinese McNugget and Big Mac fans took to Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, to vent their opinions. One user said it sounded like one of China’s stuffy state-owned companies, and others said it was “rustic” or backward.

But all the backlash might be for nothing. A spokesperson told CNN Money that the name change only applies to the restaurant chain’s business registration and that the branding will stay the same.

McDonalds has had restaurants in China since 1990 and today has about 2,500 in operation. The name changes comes as McDonald’s is making major plans I for growth in Hong Kong, South Korea and China. About 2,000 new locations are expected to open in the next five years.




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