Check out these Instagram feeds from people who are winning the parenting game. …What parents won’t do to please their picky eaters.

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Samantha Lee, @leesamanta, was inspired by her children to create her awesome works of art. The Malaysian mother of two started in 2008 to help her eldest daughter eat independently, and now has more than 700k followers in Instagram.

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British musician and father of two, Adam Perry, wasn’t about to let his daughter’s severe food allergy get in the way of childhood breakfast. Armed with two pieces of toast and occasionally soy butter or syrup as “glue”, Perry has created more than 300 toast sculptures including Obama, a squirrel and ballerina dancers.

Former art director Chris Durst (@foodnitedstates) credits his son, Cameron, for coming up with the idea for the kitschy food culture site Foodiggity. It’s a pun lover’s dream. Think: Wisconsin as “Swissconsin” or California as “Kaleifornia.”

Instagrammer Grace, @eatsamazing, is big on bento boxes and googly eyes. As a mom of two, this food artist and blogger is constantly looking for creative ways to feed her family. Her designs will capture any toddler’s attention.

Candace Mama, Instagrammer @cancan_ku, out of Hong Kong, wants to fill her daughters’ memories with “mum-made food” like this veggie-based angry bird.

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Nate Shields, @saipancakes, started making pancake art for his two children a few years ago, and has documented most of his creations on his blog. He’s made everything from animals to Harry Potter characters to princesses and celebrities.

Imagine having a mom like Sarah Gonzalez, @lunarbell_lunch, where your lunch would look like The Good Dinosaur! I’m excited thinking about eating this now — decades older than its intended audience.   Congrats parents for setting an example that you’re never too old to play with your food.




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