For coffee drinkers, the cup has never quite looked so half-full.

A daily cup of coffee can be an expensive habit, but thankfully, now it doesn’t have to be. Panera Bread announced its new unlimited coffee subscription, and if you’re a caffeine addict, it’s likely to save you hundreds.

Beginning March 2, the popular bakery-cafe will offer unlimited cups of coffee at its nearly 2,200 locations to MyPanera+ Coffee subscribers. To join, you need to sign up for the free loyalty program and pay the $8.99 monthly subscription fee, plus tax.

Yes, you read that right. For $8.99 a month, you can enjoy nearly unlimited cups of coffee at Panera.

If you usually get at least four coffees per month, you’d be getting your money’s worth. If you stopped once a day (per month), you’d be paying about $0.30 per cup.

The promotion offers one cup of hot drip coffee (light roast, dark roast, hazelnut, or decaf), hot tea, or iced coffee of any size once every two hours during normal restaurant operating hours. Most locations are open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., so you’re covered for most of your waking hours. Free refills of the same drink are also included.

If you don’t drink your coffee black, 2%, skin, half and half, and non-dairy almond milk are also free of charge add-ins.

Coffee is keto-friendly. Here’s what else is keto-friendly at Panera.

Cold brew iced coffee, espresso, and cappuccino drinkers will not be happy to hear their choice beverages are not included in the program.

Nevertheless, Panera fans are all abuzz with excitement.

“We’re changing the game for coffee drinkers across the country with our no compromises, unlimited subscription service — great coffee at an amazing value,” Niren Chaudhary, Panera CEO, said in a statement.

To sign up, head to Panera’s website or download the mobile app.

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