Here's how much you can eat over the holidays to lose or maintain weight-2
Here’s how much salmon you should put on your plate. MealKitt

You no surprise that you’re likely to pack on a few pounds over the holidays. The extra appetizers, cocktails with friends, side dishes, desserts and post-meal champagne can quickly add up to an average of 7,000 calories on a holiday — more than triple the daily recommendation. Shockingly, 29 percent of people estimated they would eat fewer than 3,000 calories over the course of Christmas Day.

While it’s just one day — and who counts calories on Christmas anyway? — it’s worth taking a peek at MealKitt‘s photo series on portion control. Julian Gaine, the CEO of the British company known for its portion control tool, released photos showing what Christmas Day plates should look like if you’re looking to lose, maintain or gain weight. While this might not be your exact meal, the images can serve as a guide which you use to gauge how full your plate should be.

Here's how much you can eat over the holidays to lose or maintain weight
How much of an entree you should reach for. MealKitt

For those looking for a more solid number, a “lose weight” meal is roughly 770 calories. A “maintain weight” meal is roughly 1,250 calories. This uses the assumption that a Christmas dinner will allot for about 60 percent of your calories consumed that day, Gaine told Business Insider. The meals used a man between 5’6″ and 6″, about 200 to 220 pounds.

How much Christmas pudding you can eat depending on your weight concerns. MealKitt

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