Because the English language is ever evolving, 1,100 new words were just added to the Oxford English Dictionary as part of its quarterly update. This means that ‘hangry’ is here to stay.

Other official entries will now include ‘mansplaining,’ ‘snowflake’ and ‘me time.’

Qualifying for inclusion in the Western world’s most famous dictionary isn’t easy. As the most complete record of the English language ever assembled, many people weigh in on the process before a new word reaches dictionary status. The OED requires several independent examples of the word being used. Then dictionary researchers consult experts to decide if the the word or phrase should be added to the more than 829,000 words already in existence.

In the past, words like OMG and YOLO have raised eyebrows, but most words this round could hardly be argued. Here are a few you’re likely already using:

‘Hangry’: Though its become a favorite in recent years, the word — which describes the simultaneous feeling of anger and hunger — was actually traced to a psychoanalytic journal entry dating to 1956. Hangry is what you feel when your Uber delivery driver shows up a half hour late.

‘Me Time’: Because everyone needs a little time to themselves. This word has been posted next to plenty of post-yoga pedicure photos. But it’s usage and inclusion is a sign that in our busy lives, we’re at least aware that a little quality time alone can be a good thing.

‘Mansplaining’: While there was no word for it a decade ago, the practice has been going on for an alarmingly long time. Mansplaining is defined as explaining something “needlessly, overbearingly, or condescendingly, especially when addressing a woman. The word first popped on a social networking website in 2008.

‘snowflake’: The word has a positive past, but a more condescending present. A snowflake was using in the 1980s to refer to a child having a unique skill or personality, but today is used to describe an overly sensitive or easily offended person of any age.

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