It turns out, we don’t just grab that cold pizza slice from the fridge because of laziness, we actually prefer it.

A recent survey revealed that 53 percent of Americans would choose eating cold pizza over traditional breakfast fare. (I mean, duh.) In other words, if given the option of eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, or waffles, OR cold pizza, we would go for the leftover pizza.

While this might sound like a huge health no-no, nutritionists have weighed in on our preference for pizza in the in a.m., and largely, it gets a thumbs up. The average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same number of calories. However, since pizza has more protein, it can keep you full for longer, meaning you might eat less calories overall. Pizza also doesn’t have the added sugars of a lot of popular cereals.

The survey gathered more than 9,000 responses and was conducted by delivery service, Slice, so it’s important to consider that survey respondents are largely pizza-enthusiasts to begin with.

The survey also asked other pizza-loving questions focusing on favorite toppings. It turns out “curly” pepperoni is preferred by 56 percent of respondents over the flat kind that doesn’t curl.

Anchovies are the salty favorite of six East Coast states, while they’re hated in the Midwest.

And not surprisingly, 54 percent of people polled that pineapple belongs nowhere near pizza. The polarizing topping has been at the center of controversy ever since the Hawaiian pizza was invented.


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Meghan is a full-time writer exploring the fun facts behind food. She lives a healthy lifestyle but lives for breakfast, dessert and anything with marinara. She’s thrown away just as many meals as she’s proud of.