If you’re attending weddings this year, chances are you’ll come across a groom’s cake on display next to, or near, the traditional wedding cake (okay, the bride’s cake).

You may be wondering where this custom came from. Well, back in the day of Victorian England, favors were simple. Guests were sent home with a slice of wedding cake. During that time period, single female guests would take their piece of cake home and place it under their pillow. Legend said, the ladies would dream of their future hubby that night. This is where the name “groom’s cake” came from.

But brides and grooms had to buy a second cake to make sure there was plenty to go around. The extra cake was kept in the kitchen and would have to be sliced, boxed and wrapped to go — adding additional costs to the affair.

Brides and grooms realized that if they were going to spend money on a second cake, they should at least get to have some fun with it.

This second cake now gives the groom an opportunity to personalize a piece of his wedding. Designs often focus on hobbies or interests like cars or sports. Traditionally, groom’s cakes were made of a dark fruit cake, so when you seen them today dressed in chocolate icing, you’ll know that’s a nod to a long-running custom.

Here are 6 groom’s cakes with a sense of humor.

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