1. What’s in a name

“Vita” means life. Vitamix was named because in 1937, founder William Grover Barnard saw the value of blending whole foods as part of a healthy diet.


2. Vitamix and Hollywood

Vitamix machines have quite the credit list to their name. A few TV and movie appearances include Chef, This is Us (NBC), Blackish (ABC), Grace and Frankie (Netflix), The Ellen Degeneres Show, Hell’s Kitchen (Fox) and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

3. That’s a lot of blending!

More than 6 million Vitamix blenders have been produced in the history of the company.

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Vitamix is credited with inventing the very first infomercial. At the time, TV was just coming in to American homes, and Bill Barnard, son of founder William Barnard, convinced his father that the new medium would be perfect to show families exactly what the machine could do.

5. Find Vitamix everywhere!

Vitamix blenders are available in 140 countries around the world.

6. Vitamix rubbing elbows

Gwyneth Paltrow promotes her own healthy living site and references her Vitamix. Supermodel Miranda Kerr said she can’t live without her Vitamix kitchen companion to whip up her favorite chia seed and goji berry smoothie. Celebrity trainer (famous for training Madonna) and nutrition expert James Duigan have all given the blender the thumbs up.

7. Built for life

Less than 1% of all Vitamix blenders are returned for repair. Only 8 repair technicians are on staff at the headquartersโ€”a testament to how awesome these things are.


8. McMagic

According to theBLENDtrend, McDonald’s adopted the Vitamix as the official mixer of the McFlurry. We have to thank Vitamix for giving us the most perfect consistency.

Image credit: McDonalds


9. Other All-star smoothies

Baskin-Robbins began using the Vitamix as the standard in stores nationwide in 1997. Starbucks and Jamba Juice are also are only able to bring us our favorite beverages via the Vitamix. Starbucks currently uses The Quiet One.

Image credit: Starbucks


10. home grown

All Vitamix blenders are still built by hand at the world headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2009, Jodi Berg became President of Vitamix, making her the fourth-generation of the Barnard family to hold this title.

Image credit: Glassdoor




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