After 68 years, Dunkin’ Donuts is officially changing its name.

The popular donut and coffee chain announced Tuesday that it will no longer go by the moniker “Dunkin’ Donuts.” Instead, they’re just “Dunkin.”

The name changes come after months of speculation and a few new restaurants opening under the new name.

According to a press release, the “Donuts” drop “officially puts the company on a first name basis with customers.”

The change will take place in January 2019, meaning, all the packaging and signage you see after that will just read “Dunkin.”

Pushing on the “first name basis” thing, the company released this tweet:

Some would argue that the name was simple enough, or that the common reference to “DD” was a better alternative. But regardless, Dunkin’ will still serve the same great coffee and delicious donuts, so, will it really matter?

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