There’s a new cooking show headed to Netflix in October, and it sounds perfect addition to our Halloween fun. According to the streaming service’s description, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell stars the “wickedly talented baker and artist” Christine McConnell.

Creepy new cooking show coming to Netflix this monthNetflix

Fans will recognize McConnell from Instagram where the baker/artist/photographer has over 260,000 followers for her creepy cakes, pies and other macabre makings.

The show is being produced by Wilshire Studios and Henson Alternative, the grown-up side of the Jim Henson Company, so we just might see some creepy puppet critters lending Christine a hand in the kitchen.

The entire season is expected to drop on Netflix Oct. 12.

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This was SO much fun to make 🎥🎉 @geniuskitchen

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The streaming service has released a new poster in advance of the show, which features McConnell in an ET/Stranger Things-esqu style.

McConnell described the show to saying, “It’s like if Morticia Addams stopped in the the middle of the movie and started explaining how to bake cookies.”

According to Netflix, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell takes you into the artist’s home as she “bakes, sculpts, and sews to create delectable confections and hauntingly disturbing decor with the help of her colorful collection of creatures.”

Who says Instafame can’t lead to the real deal?


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