Friends fans, listen up. All these years dreaming about hanging out with your five best buds at a cozy coffee shop might just turn into a reality. While Rachel won’t be there to serve you and Phoebe won’t be singing “Smelly Cat” on stage (definitely for the best), a Central Perk themed café could be coming to a town near you.

While there is no official word yet, reportedly earlier this month, Warner Bros. Entertainment, who owns the rights to the successful ’90s television show, trademarked the use of the Central Perk name.

According to celebrity-gossip site The Blast, Warner Bros. trademarked the name “Central Perk” as well as the logo for potential use for “coffee shop and cafe services.” The entertainment company also reported filed for exclusive rights to the name for products such as toys, board games and slot machines.

Simply trademarking a name doesn’t mean franchised coffee cafés are the works. But the fact that the company already owns the show and the content within the show, the move seems suspicious. It would be entirely unnecessary to take this extra step unless Warner Bros. has other plans for the brand.

Considering the success of the Central Perk pop-up shop that opened for one month celebrating the show’s 20th anniversary in 2014, it’s a wonder why there hasn’t been a real Central Perk coffee shop yet. The show is still wildly popular, and with its full release on Netflix, Friends continues to find new fans with a younger generation.

A peek at the 2014 shop in Manhattan might give a few clues on what to expect should a ‘Central Perk’ coffee shop actually come to fruition:

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