FROM THE PANTRY: Move over Goldfish, delicious cheesy snacks for adults

We still love the classic cheesy fish-shaped, lava orange colored cracker, but as an adult you have the freedom to choose your own crunchy cheese snack. Exercise that right without creating a million reasons to then have to go and exercise. If you can’t eat gluten, you would have to pass on the Goldfish anyway. Maybe you need vegan, or a lower sodium option. In the vast, nameless world of online food shopping, you’ve hit a happening cheesy oasis full of adult options. May we suggest:  Baked White Cheddar Cheese Puffs Yep, they like to share the joy with this friends – especially when it’s made with the natural goodness of stone ground corn and Real cheese! So, hop on the couch, invite some friends over, and start crunching on the ultimate guilt-Free snack. Gluten-free Cheese Bites Crackers Schar gluten-Free Cheese Bit’s. Wheat-Free. Naturally cheese flavored crackers. Cheddar baked snacks. Gluten-free…

17 Lucky New Year’s Traditions from Around the World

This New Year’s Eve people around the world will ‘clink’ glasses and toast the New Year. In the U.S., Midwesterners will cook pork and sauerkraut on January 1, while Southerners will feast on black-eyed peas and collard greens. Traditions like these vary around the world, but all have one thing in common—wishes for prosperity and luck in the upcoming year. Here are some other fun ways folks will hope to find good fortune with the turn of the calendar. Spain: Grapes In Spain some revelers will celebrate the New Year by eating twelve grapes at midnight. Each fruit is said to represent 1 month of the year, so for instance, if the second grape is sweet, February will smooth sailing. If the third grape is sour, March could get rocky. Italy: Lentils Since lentils resemble little coins, it’s thought, eating them on New Year’s will bring wealth and prosperity. Scotland:…