One of America’s most hated candies is suddenly selling out.

Last month, America’s oldest continuously operating candy company announced that it might have to shut its doors if no one offered to buy the 170-year-old New England Confectionary Co. (Necco). The Revere, Mass. manufacturing plant would be forced to lay off most of its employees.

Necco Wafers Panic Buying from CandyStore.comSource: Bulk candy sales from

The announcement was picked up by The Boston Globe and almost immediately, the company saw a surge in wafer sales.

It turns out, for all the haters out there, the iconic candy has a loyal following. According to, March sales spiked more than 50 percent, with Necco wafers up 63 percent from the averages of the past decade.

Upon hearing about the potential end of Necco, one woman even wrote to wanting to trader her Honda for a bulk shipment of wafers.

Having been around since the 1800s, Necco is the maker of candy classics such as Necco Wafers, Mary Janes, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Candy Buttons, and Clark Bars. They’re also the makers of the conversation candy hearts passed around on Valentine’s Day. All of these brands are now in jeopardy.

The candy company is actively looking for a buyer, but if no deal is reached soon, hundreds of employees will be out of a job, and millions of nostalgic candy lovers will be disappointed.

The hashtag #SaveNecco has been circulating to help raise awareness for potential buyers that Necco products are still in high demand.

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