Soon, Brad Pitt will be able to add the title “hotelier” to his resume.

The actor, activist, producer and father of six is the latest celebrity to step into the world of hospitality. People magazine reported Pitt’s plans to open a new luxury resort in Croatia. The massive development will break ground in at the small coastal town of Zablace and will also include a hotel, villa, shops, a golf course, and several restaurants, the Telegraph reports.

The project is estimated to cost more than $1.5 billion and will be “a modern ecologically-responsible planned community.”

The 52-year-old actor recently stayed overnight in Sibenik’s new Dogusevon Hotel, toured the town and embarked on a walking tour with a team of 10 people around the proposed site of his new investment.

Among them was Nikola Basic, creator of the celebrated Sea Organ, a giant culture that creates music as water is passed through its tubes. Basic was the creative force behind Dogusevon Hotel and will now be the designer of the project in Zablace, as well.

The plan is also said to include schools and a clinic, too.

No timeline has been announced for the completion of the project, but TFI Holdings, a Swiss investment fund, has already reportedly thrown $70 million at the project. So it could be no time at all before you’re lounging shoreside or trying to catch a peek at Mr. Pitt in his new restaurant.





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