You may think you love cheese pizza, but that three cheese pizza you ordered last night — it’s mere child’s play to the impressive feat of formage one restaurant whipped up last month.

A Berlin restaurant created a pie topped with an astounding 111 different types of cheese. It officially earned the title of world’s cheesiest pizza and a place in the Guinness World Record books.

According to Guinness officials, the finished pizza included mozzarella, Leicestershire red, Emmental, Comte, and Raclette among dozens of others.

If you’re imagining a giant pizza, one big enough to hold lots of shredded dairy, you’ll be forgiven. The chef pulled off the feat with a regular-sized pie, just a few centimeters bigger than your usual take-out order.

All 111 cheeses were painstakingly weighed so that just 2.6g of each type were included. All told, it had a whopping 288.6 grams of cheese within the walls of the crust.

After being judged, the pizza — and nine others — were sliced up and served to guests in attendance at the event.

One recipient described the pizza as “crunchy and cheesy.”

The pizza was baked in Germany by an American chef at an event organized by (a pizza delivery service), the Berlin-based Italian restaurant Vadoli, and Assemble Entertainment GmbH.

Berlin chef bakes cheesiest pizza in the world with 111 different types of cheese
Guinness World Records

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