Peanuts haven’t been served on American Airlines flights for some time, but now the major U.S. airline is going further to help those with nut allergies by allowing them the opportunity to board early.

According to AA, passengers with peanut or tree nut allergies will have the option to join Boarding Group 1. The extra time gives passengers a chance to wipe down seats, tray tables, arm rests or any other areas of concern where allergens my be present and trigger their condition.

The change will be well received, no doubt, by the 15 million Americans living with the food allergies, though it may not come as a surprise to many. Various people and groups have filed complaints in the past urging the airlines to address potential allergen issues and increase efforts to provide for passenger safety.

Food Allergy Research & Education, a nonprofit, filed the original complain against the airline in 2017 claiming that AA was violating legal rights by “prohibiting passengers with food allergies from exercising their rights under the Air Carrier Act to declare their disability and pre-board the aircraft.”

The new rule will go into effect on Dec. 12, after flight-service manuals are updated and employees and crew across American Airline’s 350+ serviced airports are informed.

Passengers do not need to show proof of disability to board early.

American Airlines now joins Delta Air Lines as the only two airlines allowing passengers with nut allergies to board the aircraft early.

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