If you have the choice between a regular macaroon and a unicorn macaroon—that’s an easy one.

The unicorn trend is likely leftover from last year’s rainbow craze. In 2016, we saw rainbow grilled cheese, rainbow lattes and rainbow veggie platters—but this year, foods got even prettier thanks to a dash of pastel and a whole lot of sprinkles. Except for some sushi, the key to unicorn snacking seems to be simple—take some sugar, add more sugar, then top with sprinkles.

Here are some of the most magical examples the internet offered up.

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Following on from the success of our Unicorn Hot Chocolate, we bring you strawberry & cream UNICORN PANCAKES! 🦄 Only available on Pancake Day – Tuesday 28th Feb 😘😘😘 #unicorn #unicornpancakes #pancakeday #shrovetuesday #pancakedaytreat

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Unicorn cupcakes #unicorn #cupcake #birthday #girl

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Je veux ça!! #licorne #unicorn #popcake

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