On bright and brisk falls mornings all over the country, you’ll find Americans gearing up for their favorite pastime — tailgating. While football, of course, is the main event, the tailgating subculture has become just as much of a mainstay of Saturday or Sunday mornings as the game itself. Research from YouGov revels an inside look at what Americans are drinking, their habits and how many participate.

About 77% of respondents said they drink alcohol before the event, but 21% said they preferred to stay sober. One third of Americans said they drink alcohol at every tailgate they attend a game.

College fans said that Bud Light, Samuel Adams, Blue Moon and Corona are the beers most likely to make an appearance in their game day coolers, while Jack Daniels, Baileys and Smirnoff are the preferred tailgating liquors.

Frito-Lay’s chips, grilled Johnsonville sausages and cans of Campbells soup are the preferred snacks to be served alongside low-calorie — but still unhealthy — drinks like G2, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Mountain Dew and Diet Dr. Pepper.

All of this food and drink has 1 in 3 partygoers reporting that on at least one occasion, they didn’t make it in to see the game.

The main reason for leaving an event early was bad weather (41%) followed by friends or family wanting to leave (33%) or if they were tired (26%) — Presumably from all of that tailgating!

Drinking at tailgates

Drinking at tailgates

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