If you don’t eat meat, dining out can present some challenges — in some countries more than others. In honor of World Vegetarian Month, Oliver’s Travels created an infographic ranking the world’s most vegetarian-friendly countries. They counted the number of veg-friendly restaurants, the number of people per each of those restaurants and the per capita meat consumption of the country.

While this map doesn’t include the number of actual vegetarians living in a country, it does tell vegetarians travelers which counties will be easiest for them to navigate.

While most people think of the United States as a heavily carnivorous country — hot dogs and hamburgers, Texas chili-cookoffs and holiday feasts focused on turkey — the US is actually quite accommodating with more vegetarian restaurants than any other country (18,975). Seychelles, however, has the most vegetarian restaurants per person with one for every 810 citizens.

The list reveals other fun facts like Bhutan has the lowest meat consumption of anywhere in the world. And the best countries for finding vegetarian food outside of the US and Europe are Southeast Asia and India.

The top ranked vegetarian counties per continent were:

  • Africa: Seychelles
  • Asia: Thailand
  • Europe: UK
  • North America: Belize
  • South America: Peru
  • Oceania: Solomon Islands

A ranking of the most vegetarian-friendly countries in the world

A full country breakdown list can be found at Oliver’s Travels.






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