Being vegan used to mean hauling around a purse full of food or only eating prepared meals at home. Today, it has become a whole lot easier with special menus, or at least a “V” symbol next to animal-friendly options, can have vegans dining along side any other diet or lifestyle in most urban restaurants across America.

Starbucks, too, has come a long way. (Remember when crushed beetles were used as red food coloring in the Strawberry Frappuccino? Thankfully, that’s over.) While the company could do more, there are at least a handful of delicious options for vegans looking for a summertime sugar or caffeine fix at the beloved coffee giant.


Caramel Frappuccino

A few substitutions can make the iconic caramel frap vegan-friendly. Substitute the dairy, go “no-whip” and ask to omit the caramel drizzle as well. Unfortunately, the drizzle is made with 3 different dairy products.

Half sweetened caramel frappuccino (no whip &I no drizzle) w/ almond milk & a shot 🌰☕️🥛 #vegan #veganstarbucks

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Strawberry Smoothie

This cold, creamy strawberry pink drink can easily go vegan. Substitute the milk with soy or coconut milk and ask to omit the protein powder, and you’re in the clear!

Teavana Ice Oprah cinnamon Chai Tea Latte

The regular Chai Tea has honey in it, but the Oprah Chai is vegan-friendly. Also, you guessed it, since it’s a latte, you’ll have to ask to leave out the dairy milk and substitute with your favorite plant or nut-based milk. As an added free-good, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation for youth education.

MOCHA Frappuccino

Nope. This isn’t a mistake. The mocha syrup Starbuck’s uses is actually vegan. But don’t forget to forego the whipped cream!

Green Tea Creme Frappuccino

This creamy, cool green drink can go vegan with a simple substitution of soy or coconut milk for the dairy milk. Leave off the whipped topping and you’ve gone vegan, while also saving yourself a bunch of calories and fat.

Shaken Sweet Tea Lemonade

No substitutions necessary. Starbuck’s version of the most classic of all summer drinks, the Arnold Palmer, is naturally vegan.

Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino

This strawberry-based beverage gets its color from lycopene, the same pigment that makes tomatoes red. Go without whip and replace substitute dairy with soy milk and you have a picture perfect pink-drink for hot summer days.

Strawberry frappe made with soy milk 👌

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Chocolate Smoothie

Two simple steps. This one comes with non-vegan-friendly protein powder, so be sure to omit. Then, order with soy milk. And that’s it. You’ve created a delicious vegan-friendly chocolate smoothie.

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