“An apple a day” isn’t just a cute saying. There are some real research-backed benefits of eating apples. Apples are grown in all 50 states, so you’re never very far from a freshly picked apple. And that’s a good thing because they can greatly improve your overall health and reduce your chance of disease. But let’s get down to the juicy details. Here are eight reasons you should incorporate an apple into your daily diet:

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1. Apples are nutritious

First and foremost, you should eat apples because they’re just generally good for you. One medium apple has just 95 calories, 4 grams of fiber, 14% of your daily vitamin C, and other beneficial amounts of potassium, vitamin K, manganese, copper, and vitamins A, E, B1, B2, and B6. A medium apple equals about 1.5 cups of fruit (two cups of fruit daily are recommended for a 2,000 calorie diet), so you’re getting a healthy nutritional jump on what you need for the day.

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8 reasons you should eat more apples2. apples lower cholesterol and are good for your heart

Apples are known as a heart-healthy snack because their high soluble fiber decelerates the buildup of cholesterol on artery walls. This reduces your risk of heart disease. They’re also packed with polyphenols, specifically a flavonoid called epicatechin, which is known to lower blood pressure and decrease your risk of a stroke.

8 reasons you should eat more apples

3. apples may help you lose weight

Apples are high in fiber and in water content. These qualities can leave you feeling full without as much volume as other foods. In one study, those who started their meal with apple slices ate on average 200 calories less than those who didn’t. Researchers think that apples can help people lose weight because they’re less dense, yet still deliver fiber and fullness.

8 reasons you should eat more apples

4. apples boost your immune system

Yup. An apple a day does keep the doctor away. The soluble fiber in apples helps to boost your immune system.

8 reasons you should eat more apples

5. apples may reduce your risk of diabetes

Several studies link a diet that includes apples to a lower risk for type 2 diabetes. In one study, eating just one apple every day was linked to a 28 percent decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, when compared to those who didn’t eat any apples. Even eating just a few apples a week had an overwhelmingly positive effect.

8 reasons you should eat more apples

6. apples may reduce your risk of certain types of cancer

Apples possess many qualities that make them ideal for fighting off certain cancers. Apples, especially the skin, contain flavonoids that act as powerful antioxidants that can rid the free radicals in our body that cause inflammation and damage to our genes.

8 reasons you should eat more apples

7. apples help fight asthma

Apples are rich in antioxidants, a natural disease and inflammation fighter. Eating apples can help protect the lungs from oxidative damage. One study of more than 68,000 women found that those who ate the most apples had the lowest risk of asthma. Even eating just 15 percent of a large apple was shown to decrease chances of the condition by 10 percent.

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8. apples are good for your bones

Eating lots of fruits and veggies is linked to higher bone density, which is a marker of good bone health. Some studies show that apples, specifically, positively affect bone health. In one study, women were given meals that either included fresh apples, peeled apples, applesauce, or no apple product at all. Those who ate apples saw less calcium loss from their bones than those who ate no apples.

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