The beauty of juicing is that it can save you from the abundance of fruits and vegetables. (It’s a good problem to have, but a problem that needs a solution none-the-less.)  Juicing means you’ll still get the nutrients, but you won’t have to nosh of raw produce for days, or come up with recipes for obscure ingredients like kohlrabi.

Still there are a few fruits and vegetables that are better left whole. If you find you got carried away at the farmer’s market, or your summertime CSA overloaded you on any of these fruit and veggies, you would have a hard time turning them into juice. For this crop, the blender going to be best.

Here’s a list of unjuiceables:


Avocados are great in smoothies, salads — and just about anything else. They’re loaded with healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, so you definitely don’t want to let them go to waste (plus they’re expensive!). The bad news is that no matter how tasty avocado juice sounds, it’s just not possible. This creamy superfood has no juice to juice. You’ll be better off blending them.

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Bananas are similar to avocados — there just isn’t any juice there to extract. However, just because you can’t juice them, doesn’t mean you can’t make juice them add them in with a blender. Strawberry, pineapple, mangos, carrot — almost any juice can be made more delicious with the addition of a banana. You’ll get the extra dose of electrolytes you need to keep your heartbeat regular and your muscles working right.

7 fruits and veggies you should never juice


Figs have become one of our favorite fruits for cooking, baking, and eating dried. It’s their unusual consistency that makes them unique and delicious, but that consistency also makes them impossible to juice. If you want figs in your morning drink, you’ll have to stick with the blender.

7 fruits and veggies you should never juice


For as tasty as it sounds, you’ll never be able to recreate the killer strawberry rhubarb combo in juice form. Rhubarb is far too fibrous to yield enough juice to make the effort worth it. Plus, even if you find unusually juicy rhubarb, the fibers still make this one too hard for your juicer to process.

7 fruits and veggies you should never juice - mangoes


Mangos can be juiced — sometimes. If you catch a mango that is still pretty firm but has a slight give, you might have a good candidate. But truth is, the texture of mangoes doesn’t make for easy juicing, and a lot of your precious fruit will get wasted — also known as money in the trashcan. But no fear. Mangos make incredible smoothies.

7 fruits and veggies you should never juice


Coconut and coconut water make for great flavor in juices and smoothies, but when it comes to juicing an actual coconut itself, you better leave that one to the pros. Coconut meat is far too tough to yield much juice — plus you’ll easily burn out your juicer. You can buy young thai coconuts at many supermarkets, and these will each give you juice without any work. So you have options. Just don’t juice coconut meat yourself.

7 fruits and veggies you should never juice


If eggplant juice sounds appetizing, you might be in the minority. Still, sorry to say than the dense but soft consistency of this popular veggies doesn’t work very well with your juicer.

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