The kitchen basics are pretty easy to cover. If you have your pots, your pans, and a few mixing bowls,  you can whip up pretty much anything you want in some form. But there are many less-traditional tools that make cooking faster and way more fun. It’s time to explore more than just your standard spoons and spatulas and find new solutions that can fix common cooking annoyances.

Here are our 10 favorite kitchen gadgets that are worth a glance:


1. A Guacamole Bowl

The problem: Your guac turns brown within a few hours.

The solution: The Fresh Guacamole Keeper keeps your guac fresh and green for days. No, really! The lid presses down on top of the avocado, pushing out the air, and creating a seal on top. That brown layer never has a chance to form.

Where to buy it: Guac Bowl, $12.99.


2. Pineapple Corer

The problem: Preparing a pineapple is a lot of work and makes a giant mess.

The solution: The Pineapple Corer & Slicer simultaneously cores and slices pineapples. You cut the leafy top off of your fruit, then align the corer with the core of your pineapple. From there, just twist. You’ll have a fun pineapple spiral, plus a hollow exterior that you can use for serving piña coladas or other fruity drinks! It takes a few practice runs, but it’s easy to get the hang of.

Where to buy it: Pineapple Corer & Slices, $7.99.


3. Cookie Scoop

The problem: Cookie batter doesn’t come off the spoon with you sticking your finger to it, and your unevenly measured cookies don’t bake properly.

The solution: Make perfect, consistent-sized cookies with the Quick Release Cookie Scoop. Cookies will bake evenly, plus no more struggles shaking batter off the spoon. The inner mechanism slides behind your batter to drop your dough ball exactly where you want it. You’ll use this scoop for meatballs, melons, and even ice cream.

Where to buy it: Cookie Scoop, $10.99.


4. Pizza Scissors

The problem: Messy pizza slicers don’t do a good job cutting through your pie.

The solution: Quick! If you need to cut something what tool would you grab for: Some weird roll-y wheel with a handle or a pair of scissors? Yeah. Exactly. These scissors cut through even the thickest crust and the meatiest toppings without astruggle. Plus, in my experience, the cheese doesn’t get all stuck and twisted up in the blades. Bonus!

Where to buy it: Scizza Pizza Cutting Scissors, $29.95.


5. supoon

The problem: Knuckles covered in Nutella (or spaghetti sauce, or peanut butter, or molasses, or coconut oil, etc. etc. etc.)  trying to scrape the last little bit of goodness from the bottom of the jar.

The solution: A mini supoon. It’s a silicone spatula that acts as a spoon, too. It’s small enough to fit inside the opening of just about any jar and get out every last bit of product, which is important when you have expensive items like nut butters, or when a recipe needs every last drop you can squeeze.

Where to buy it: Mini Supoon Scraping Spoon, $7.95. shares products we love and those we think you’ll love too. In full disclosure, we do get a share of the revenue from your purchase, but all proceeds allow us to bring you more great content in the future!

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