Crunchy. Granola. Earth Mama. These labels aren’t usually insults, rather, they evoke an image of someone who does things a little less conventionally for the health of his or her family. Sometimes people who get labeled as “crunchy” don’t even think of themselves that way! They’re just living their best life. Whether it’s an obsession with organic groceries (and hand creams, and clothes, and diapers, etc.) or a chicken coop in their backyard, they’re down to live life the most wholesome way they know how—and that’s by DIY with many of their own foods right at home.

Shopping for someone in the crunchy camp can be difficult if you don’t know their personal rulebook. But you can bet they’ll actually use—and actually appreciate—any one of these great 5 DIY in the kitchen gadgets below.

5 gifts the 'crunchy mama' would totally love_butter

1. Buttercup Homemade Butter Maker


Just add fresh cream to the Buttercup Butter Maker by Chef’n, and you’ll give them the gift of fresh butter right in their own kitchen. Use the recipes on the jar or use your imagination to create flavorful, wholesome, gourmet butters.

5 gifts the 'crunchy mama' would totally love_kombucha

2. Kombucha Brewing Kit


Kombucha. It’s the fizzy, sweet-and-sour drink made with tea that’s taken the country’s fanciest coffee shops and grocery stores by storm (even though it’s been around for nearly 2,000 years). It was first brewed in China then spread to Japan and Russia. Eventually it became popular in Europe in the early 20th century, but recently it’s taken off in the United States because if its reputation as a health and energy drink. Give them everything they need to start brewing their own Kombucha at home with this all-inclusive kit. It comes with all of the ingredients, recipes, and directions so there’s no guesswork. Just healthy, fun, and fizzy kombucha.

5 gifts the 'crunchy mama' would totally love

3. Mozzarella and Ricotta DIY Cheese Kit


DIYers and kids alike will love making—and eating—homemade cheese right from their own kitchen. Follow along the easy-to-follow instructions, and enjoy fresh mozzarella or ricotta cheese in about an hour. Kit makes 8 batches of 1.5 pounds of cheese. You choose the milk, raw or pasteurized (as long as it’s not ultra-pasteurized), so you can have complete control.

5 gifts the 'crunchy mama' would totally love_coffe_maker_cold_Brew

4. Cold Brew Coffee


Brew tea, cold brew coffee, or infuse water with natural flavor. The Cold Brew Coffee Maker makes cold brew coffee at home that’s less acidic with a smoother taste than hot brewed coffee. Cold Brew can go for as much as $8 a cup in fancy coffee houses, by they can brew 40 ounces of their favorite blend time and time again. The Cold Brew can also be used for tea or infused with flavor from fresh fruits, herbs, or vegetables.

5 gifts the 'crunchy mama' would totally love_yogurt_maker

5. Greek Yogurt Maker


You don’t have to worry about where your yogurt came from when you create your own delicious greek yogurt at home. The Oster Greek Yogurt Maker comes with multiple glass jars and a large 1-quart container for easy storage. Choose from lots of different recipes or adapt to create your own healthy snack/baking substitute greek yogurt treat.

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