If you’re a fan of the movie “Up,” Heinz new advertisement will hit you right in the feels.

Heinz Australia took a page out of Pixar’s emotional animation playbook when it channeled the 2009 tear-jerker to create its “Can Size for Every Aussie” ad campaign. The new campaign launches four new can sizes of the company’s most popular baked beans.

The three-minute animated short tells the story of Geoff, whose curious lifelong love of beans leads to a job at Heinz as head of innovation. There, he experiments with new ways to share his favorite food with the world.

Initially, Geoff is consumed with creating the perfect-sized can of beans to fit on a single slice of toast — thus, “The One for One” — a single serving of beans. But as life goes on, his bean needs change.

After meeting a pretty, young co-worker from the spaghetti department, he’s inspired to create a “The One for Two” can. The romantic gesture charms her, and the two marry. When twins arrive to the family, Geoff creates “The One for All.” Finally, as his children grow, he makes “The Lil’ One” — a snack size for kids.

The adorable ad took more than a year to finish. It was a collaborative effort between ad agency Y&R New Zealand and production company Assembly Ltd with music composed by Franklin Road.

A commercial about baked beans or not, you’ll still enjoy this artistic, heartwarming short.

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