We’re all guilty of it. We play appliance favorites. Some months it’s the juicer. Some months its the Kitchen Aid mixer or the pizza stone. It seems I can’t balance my attention and use of my kitchen tools evenly. If they were children, I would have some problems to deal with.

Thankfully, they are objects and can not notice or care — but I do. My crock pot sat unused last year until January when I finally brought it down off the shelf for the first time. I think of all the easy, healthy meals I missed making for myself last winter.

This year, I’m making it a point to bring out the slow cooker early and use it often throughout the months to come. Here are a few slow cooker meals I’ve tried in the past that I can completely recommend. I’ll post a few of my own in the coming weeks, but enjoy these deliciously easy 10-ingredient or less options.

10 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes with 10 ingredients or less

1. Crock pot low carb lasagna 

Lasagna anything has my heart. <3


2. Easy Crockpot Chicken Verde

Talk about needing next to no ingredients!


3. Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken Potato Soup

Okay, this one has 11 ingredients, but I leave out the bacon to make it a healthier meal. You could use turkey bacon, but then you’re back to 11 ingredients which is kind of breaking the rules here…


4. Slow Cooker Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are super popular right now — and for great reasons. When cooked just right, they’re tasty and yet great for you. Not too many foods can claim both of those titles.


5. Skinny Slow Cooker Chicken Taquitos

Order these at a restaurant and say sayonara to your weeks worth of dieting. An average order at a fast casual restaurant can run you upwards of 800 to 1000 calories. Make them at home and save half of that.


6. Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili Mac

Okay, this recipe has more than 10 ingredients. But should salt and pepper really stand in the way of you and a deliciously easy slow cooker recipe?


7. Crock Pot Chicken and Gravy

Leave it to Weight Watchers to share with us a way to make healthy foods taste devilishly good.


8. Slow Cooker Peanut Thai Chicken

This one is loaded with flavor.


9. Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Risotto

And another recipe where salt and pepper can’t count. Seriously though! You don’t even need them here.


10. Banana Slow Cooker Overnight Steel Cut Oats

Dinner shouldn’t have all the fun. Prepare this recipe the night before and wake up to a hearty, healthy breakfast that tastes just like banana bread. The steel cut oats will keep you full longer than quick or instant oats and bananas are always a great morning go-to.






Meghan is a full-time writer exploring the fun facts behind food. She lives a healthy lifestyle but lives for breakfast, dessert and anything with marinara. She’s thrown away just as many meals as she’s proud of.