On a hot summer day, it’s hard to pass up on an ice cold, frozen lemonade slushy. You can make this delightfully refreshing drink a ton of different ways. Add strawberries, booze, toasted coconut — or even serve it as a pie! You’ll need a blender, some ice and a few lemons, and you’ll be on your way to being everyone’s new best friend at your party. Here are 15 recipes you’ll want to whip up summer long.

Pink watermelon lemonade slushy

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So many refreshing flavors in one slushy. Watermelon, lemon, mint — bring on the heat!

15 frozen lemonade recipes to kick back with
Half Baked Harvest

Frozen Coconut Lemonade

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Coconut screams summer. Make this frosty mix in your blender and enjoy this creamy frozen lemonade treat.

15 frozen lemonade recipes to kick back with-Toasted-Frozen-Coconut-Mojitos-3
Holistically Engineered

Frozen Mango Lemonade

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Try mixing fruit pairings for awesome, original blends like this mango lemonade recipe.

15 frozen lemonade recipes to kick back with-3
Simply Designing

Frozen Lemonade Pie

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It might not be a frozen lemonade in a glass, but it’s just as refreshing.

15 frozen lemonade recipes to kick back with-8
Love Bakes Good Cakes

Pink Lemonade Vodka Slushy

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Think how pretty these Millennial pink drinks will look poolside this summer.

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Culinary Hill

Boozy Jolly Rancher Slushies

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Get patriotic with when Jolly Ranchers lend their bright colors and bursting flavors to a slushy.

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The Novice Chef

Frosted Freckled Lemonade

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This creamy, cool drink only uses three ingredients.

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Your Home Based Mom

Frozen Blackberry Lemonade

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If you love dropping fruit into your lemonade, this is the slushy for you.

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That's so Michelle

Blueberry lemonade slushy

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Share this recipe with a friend and you’ll each get a legitimate serving of fruit in every glass.


Whiskey sour slush

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A little more involved, but the (lemon) juice is always worth the squeeze.

Serious Eats

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

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This classic combo isn’t too sweet or too sour. Add your favorite booze and make it just right.

As Easy As Apple Pie

Pink Lemonade Thyme Lavender Sorbet

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Because sometimes you want to eat your frozen lemonade with a spoon…

Boulder Locavore

Frozen Vodka lemonade Pops

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…And sometimes you want to heat it with your hands.

My Crazy Good Life

Frozen Rumchata Strawberry Lemonade

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It’s the perfect poolside party drink for when the weather heats up.


Frozen Coconut Limeade

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If life doesn’t hand you lemons, you can still make a killer summer slushy — just use limes!

Dessert Now Dinner Later

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