If you’ve limited yourself to grilled steaks, you’re seriously missing out. Bring out your adventurous spirit this summer and give yourself more reasons to fire up those flames. Pineapple, pound cake, and pizza are just the beginning! There’s no need to eat boring food when you have a grill nearby. Start with a few of the delicious looking treats below and see what else you’re inspired to sizzle.

1. Grilled bacon

Bacon can create quite a mess when cooked indoors. Try grilling it instead. Since it won’t sit in it’s own fat while cooking, it’s a slightly healthier way to cook it. Slices will be crispy and perfect for topping burgers, salads or even just for breakfast.

Image credit: Bacon Today

2. Grilled Caesar Salad

You’ve had Caesar salad so many times, you always know what you’re getting. Take that basic salad to the next level with grilled Romaine and grilled croutons.


Image credit: Delish

3. Grilled French Toast

Because you’re going to want something else to go with that grilled bacon, how about grilled French toast? This is a great way to fix breakfast if your feeding a crowd, since all of the slices will fit on your grill at once. No more waiting for room in the frying pan!

Image credit: Epicurious

4. Grilled Oysters

Buckets of oysters are a staple in the summer, so why not add some awesome flavor and toss them on the grill? This recipe adds a tasty garlic butter sauce before grilling for five minutes.

Image credit: Virginia Willis

5. Grilled Avocado with tomatoes and herbs

You’ve had it on toast, you’ve had it on tacos, but have you ever had it grilled? Add some gorgeous grill marks to that green avocado then top it with tomatoes, pine nuts and lemon juice for a fresh, new flavor.

Image credit: Chimeraobscura

6. Grilled Pound cake

It’s your classic strawberry shortcake with a delicious grilled twist. Slice up some store bought pound cake then top with fresh whipped cream and berries.

Image credit: The Chic Site

7. Grilled Pizza

If you use your grill to make pizza, you can keep the heat where it belongs — outside! Your dough will form a level brown crust and you’ll get a flavor you simply can’t get from your oven — or delivery!

Image credit: Simply Recipes

8. Grilled Bananas

Coat anything with cinnamon and sugar and you’re going to have a delicious, sweet snack.

Image credit: Beloved Green

9. Grilled Watermelon

When you grill watermelon it changes both the flavor and the texture. The USDA has ruled watermelon a vegetable and after grilling it, you’ll totally see why. It become savory and a bit smokey. Add some salt and cilantro or lime juice to really bring out the flavor with this recipe.

Image credit: The Stay at Home Chef

10. Grilled Brie

Warm, gooey cheese? Need I say more?

Image credit: Will Cook for Friends

11. Grilled Mexican Street Corn

You’re going to want to eat this every. single. day. The corn becomes juicy and crisp, and the creamy, lime flavor with a bit of chili powder heat will have you craving it all the time.

Image credit: The Garlic Diaries

12. Grilled Twinkies

Twinkies taste a bit like toasted marshmallows. They’re the perfect follow-up to grilled hot dogs on a warm summer night spent outdoors.

Image credit: Lifes a Tomato

13. Grilled Doughnuts

Another delicious dessert options — grilled donuts. They’ll become smokey sweet and your new favorite after dinner treat.

grilled donuts
Image credit: Tastes Better From Scratch

14. Grilled Strawberries

This strawberry recipe calls for the berries to be mixed with balsamic and brown sugar and a hit of rosemary. Image that on your favorite vanilla ice cream!


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