Not drinking enough water is an all-too-common summertime woe. Combine beach boozing, outdoor activities, and a whole lot of sun, and you’re creating a recipe for splitting headaches and serious dehydration. When above average temperatures join the mix, not drinking enough water can be downright dangerous, leading to muscle cramps, low blood pressure, and even organ failure.

But dehydration doesn’t have to spoil your summer fun. While water is always your best bet, there are many fresh summer foods that can give your body the extra boost of H2O it needs to make it through the day. Here are some of our favorites:

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer


Biting into a big slice of juicy watermelon is so enjoyable, you’ll forget it’s good for you, too. Watermelon is 93% water, so it’s an ideal snack on a hot summer day or trip to the beach. Eat it alone, or blend it into a juice or smoothie.

This is how to pick out the best watermelon.

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_cucumbers


With 95% water content, cucumbers are one of the best foods out there at helping you stay hydrate. Serve them in salads, juiced, or as a simple snack to help you get your required water intake for the day.

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_tomatoes


You might not think that tomatoes could help you hydrate, but they’re made up of 94% water. Slice up heirlooms or snack on plump grape and cherry tomatoes. This also extends to tomato sauce, which typically has even more water added. So pour some homemade tomato sauce over some roasted veggies and call it a summer meal!

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_milk

Skim milk

It might not be a fresh fruit or vegetable like the other items on this list, but skim milk is between 85 and 95% water (it’s milk that’s literally mixed with water to lessen the percentage of milk fat. Also consider reaching for a cold glass of skim milk instead of a sugary sports drink. Skim contains protein, sugar, fat, and other nutrients that will help your body recover from dehydration.

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_celery


Celery might taste great along side buffalo wings, but you should snack on the pale green stalks to score some summer hydration. Celery is about 96% water, but it also has potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and fiber. A nutritious boost like this can really do wonders when you feel like it’s too hot outside to eat.

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer


Most fruits and veggies are packed with water. Combine a bunch of them in the blender for a satisfying smoothie, and take a hydrating breakfast on-the-go.

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_coconutwater

Coconut water

You have to drink so much water in the summer that sometimes you just need a break. Coconut water can provide a tastier alternative. It’s lower in calories and sodium than a sports drink, plus the natural sugars and potassium are great for restoring your blood sugars after an intense workout. Just make sure your coconut water of choice doesn’t have any added sugar, and you’re good-to-go. Try our Watermelon Coconut Water Cooler.

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_cantaloupe


Cantaloupe is composed of nearly 90% water. Eat just one cup and you’ll be consuming about a half cup of water. This tasty, mild melon is great on its own, or as part of other sweet or savory dishes.

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_popsicles


Popsicles aren’t just for nostalgia. They also refill your fluids. Cool down on a hot summer day with a popsicle — or two!

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_berries


Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries — they all boast high levels of water content along without vitamins and minerals, including cancer fighting antioxidants and filling fiber.

And a bonus:

7 Hydrating foods to add to your diet this summer_jello


If you’re going to eat something sweet in the summer, it might as well also be hydrating. Refreshing Jell-O is the perfect dessert to combat your sugar craving. Just choose sugar-free to make this a lot-calorie food.

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