Cleaning your house isn’t exactly fun, but you might be able to make it easier — or at least, more amusing — with one of these 10 foods substituting as cleaning supplies. You can save some money by not spending on expensive specialty products. Not to mention, you can avoid coming in contact with a ton of potentially harmful chemicals that store-bought brands typically contain. These tricks will help you keep more money in your wallet, and they support a healthier lifestyle. Who doesn’t want that?

10 foods that can substitute as cleaning supplies_coke1. Coca-Cola

Coke isn’t just for sipping. The highly carbonated beverage contains phosphoric acid, citric acid, and carbonic acid — all which help it serve as a cleaning product substitute. Use it to take rust off of pots, remove, remove hard stains for inside the toilet bowl, restore shine to coins and jewelry, and get grease out of clothes.

10 foods that can substitute as cleaning supplies_ketchup

2. Ketchup

It’s might be hard to believe, but ketchup actually has the ability to clean metal surfaces really well. Use it to shine your brass, copper, or stainless steel pots. The acetic acid in ketchup can also break down the copper oxide, which is the burnt layer in the bottom of your pan leftover from cooking gone wrong.

10 foods that can substitute as cleaning supplies_onion

3. Onions

After months of use, your grill can get pretty grimy. Chop an onion in half and rub it on the grill to help lift leftover residues.

10 foods that can substitute as cleaning supplies_walnuts

4. Walnuts

Walnuts are more than just an salad topping. Walnuts can help remove light scratches from wooden spoons, bannisters, and baseboards. Remove the walnut from its shell (or buy shelled walnuts) and rub it over a scratch several times. Then use your fingers to rub it in to help the wood absorb the oil from the walnut. Finally, buff the area with a soft cloth.

foods as cleaning supplies peanut butter

5. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a savior when life gets sticky. Gum on your carpet? Scrape off the excess gum, hold an ice cube against it for a minute (optional to make it even easier), then rub a bit of peanut butter into the carpet fibers. You’ll have to clean up the peanut butter — but that’s much easier than gum! Peanut butter can also be slathered on stickers to help remove them. Just coat the sticker in peanut butter and let sit for an hour. The oils will seep down and make the sticker easy ti scrub off.

Foods you should never freeze_meat_steak_beef_raw

6. Mayonnaise

Mayo makes for great chicken salad, but it can also help clean your house. It can help rid of watermarks on your windowsills and coffee tables. It can help get kids’ crayon artwork off of walls. It can even be used to shine up the leaves on houseplants.

Pouring White Vinegar into an ingredient bowl

7. White vinegar

Vinegar is a great cleaning tool. Use it to remove baked on stains on your cookie sheets. It can reduce bad odors and remove mildew. Keep a spray bottle filled with vinegar and water for an easy all-purpose cleaner. It can even tackle tough jobs like cleaning grout. Just combine with baking soda and grab a scrub brush and watch your bathroom sparkle.

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8. Olive oil

Olive oil is your go-to in the kitchen, but it will soon be your favorite cleaning tool, too. Olive oil can help take paint off of soft surfaces like your skin. Rubbing a thin, protective coat can slow tarnish on your silverware. And it can repair scratches, restore color, and add luster to worn-out leather chairs, shoes and more. Dab a bit on a soft cloth and gently work it in.

10 foods that can substitute as cleaning supplies oatmeal

9. Oats

Smelly fridge? of course baking soda typically takes the market on this one, but if you’re out, oatmeal works just as well at neutralizing odors. Pour a cup of oats in a bowl and let it sit in on the refrigerator shelf overnight.

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10 foods that can substitute as cleaning supplies lemons

10. Lemons

Lemons juice is high in citric acid, meaning its good at fighting bacteria. It’s a natural way to clean your oven, microwave, and makes for a safe, all-purpose cleaner. Use lemons to polish your pots, clean your cutting board, and freshen up the scent of any room in your house.

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