When you’re looking for a place to live you may ask about nearby parks, hospitals, bars and restaurants, or even schools. But, if you’re a coffee person, no other criteria looms larger than the location of the nearest Starbucks.

If you simply can’t start you day without a highly- caffeinated cup of Joe, there are a few cities you should consider above all others. It’s not enough to simply look at the number of Starbucks on local street corners. (After all, New York has 241 Starbucks, but its not nearly enough to fuel the city of 8.6 million in a timely manner.) It’s Starbucks per capita that matters most when you’re desperate for a jolt of java.

Without further ado, here is The Apartment Guide’s 2019 list the best cities for Starbucks lovers.

10. Scottsdale, AZ

Total Starbucks locations: 125

Total Population: 249,950

Per capita: 6,096

Sunny Scottsdale is known for its more than 200 golf courses and thriving night club scene, but when you wake up from a night on the town and need an espresso boost, you can seek out one of 41 Starbucks spots.

9. Portland, OR

Total Starbucks locations: 107

Total Population: 647,805

Per capita: 6,054

Portland, Oregon is regularly ranked as one of the best U.S. cities to live. Nearby hiking, quality of life, and no doubt, number of Starbucks stores per capita send this location even higher on the list.

8. Renton, Wa

Total Starbucks locations: 17

Total Population: 101,379

Per capita: 5,963

Renton is located about 11 miles south of Seattle, but despite its slightly remote location, you can still score prime access to Starbucks coffee.

7. vancouver, Wa

Total Starbucks locations: 30

Total Population: 175,673

Per capita: 5,856

Located just 20 minutes from Portland, Vancouver boasts scenic views and plenty of energizing outdoor activities to keep you fit and entertained. And when you’re done mountain climbing or hiking, you can hit the Starbucks for a cool, refreshing Frap.

6. everett, Wa

Total Starbucks locations: 19

Total Population: 110,079

Per capita: 5,794

Everett, Washington is a rare fine. IT has affordable rent, while being full of culture (it’s home to the oldest theater in the state) and wineries.

5. orlando, fl

Total Starbucks locations: 49

Total Population: 280,257

Per capita: 5,720

Orlando offers plenty of Starbucks stores to keep you going strong through days of Walt Disney World, Epcot and many more.

4. seattle, Wa

Total Starbucks locations: 133

Total Population: 724,745

Per capita: 5,449

The coffee chain’s headquarters are in Seattle, so it only makes sense the west coast Emerald City would make the top 10. Whether you’re strolling along the Pike Place Market or off to hike the nearby trails, you’ll find a Starbucks just when you want it.

3. bellevue, Wa

Total Starbucks locations: 27

Total Population: 144,444

Per capita: 5,350

Of course Seattle has plenty of Starbucks, but so do nearby suburbs like Bellevue. The small town has tons of charm and entertainment, and, of course, plenty of places to get coffee.

2. Burbank, ca

Total Starbucks locations: 20

Total Population: 104,834

Per capita: 5,242

Move to Burbank and the high-walkability means you’ll likely be able to walk to multiple Starbucks. With tons of other restaurant locations and the star-power of the Hollywoods nearby, you’ll be in for a fun time.

1. las vegas, nv

Total Starbucks locations: 125

Total Population: 641,676

Per capita: 5,133

Las Vegas takes the number one spot for Starbucks lovers. With 24/7 entertainment and bright neon signs, it’s no wonder a city wanting to stay awake would require more Starbucks per resident capita than anywhere else.

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