June 1 is National Doughnut Day. While we’re all about keeping our blood sugar relatively stable, it seems safe to cash in on the sweet deals offered by local and national doughnut shops on this merry food holiday — especially when they’re offered in honor of some pretty incredible ladies.

The first official Doughnut Day was announced in 1938 as a nod to the “doughnut lassies,” who found that World War I soldier helmets were perfect for frying up dough and feeding to the troops on the front lines to raise morale.

Whether you like your donuts glazed, jelly-filled or chocolate dipped, National Doughnut Day is a day to indulge in your favorites and remember a sweet moment in history.

Here are some deals offered from the national doughnut chains. Your local shop might celebrate as well, so call ahead.

Dunkin’ Donuts: Get a free classic doughnut with purchase of any beverage on Friday, June 1.

Krispy Kreme: No purchase is necessary to score any doughnut of your choice.

Duck Donuts: Get a free bare, cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar doughnut. No purchase necessary. Each customer will also receive a BOGO coupon for a free doughnut, redeemable before June 17, 2018.

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