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Where to find the Hard Seltzer Festival this year

When it comes to festivals, beer drinkers have it good. They can pick just about any weekend of the year and find a well-stocked, well-attended festival serving up their favorite IPAs, craft brews, and local beers. If there’s a beer, there’s a surely a gathering of its fans in the not too distant future.ย Spiked seltzer drinkers? Not so much. That is, until now. Bring on the bubbly! Vodka soda drinkers are finally getting their own traveling festival, and it looks like tons of fun. Starting this spring, Seltzer Land is bringing a bubble-filled festival to a city near you. According to the Wall Street Journal, attendees will be able to sample more than 100 varieties of hard seltzer, as they dine on snacks, enjoy live music, and take a selfie in the ball pit. Tickets start at $29, and VIP tickets start at $49. Each festival day will host two…