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This is why Coca-Cola cans are red

It’s one of the most memorable logos in the world. You see just a glimpse of the product and know it’s a Coke thanks to that highly recognizable shade of red. But why did the company chose this shade in the first place? Some fans think the red color came from some of the company’s first nationwide advertisements, which featured the now-iconic Christmas Santa Claus wearing a classic red and white suit, holding a bottle of Coke. But Santa didn’t begin popping up in Coca-Cola ads until the 1920s, and by that time the brand was nearly 40 years old. “It goes all the way back to the beginning,” said Coca-Cola Archivist Ted Ryan. The real story of Coke’s color red is essentially one of a happy accident. More than 130 years ago, Coca-Cola was distributed in large barrels at drug stores and pharmacies all across America. Alcohol was distributed…

Just how bad is bubble tea for you?

Chances are that just five years ago, you probably never heard of bubble tea, or if you had, you had to venture deep into Chinatown to buy one. Now, you can find a restaurant offering bubble tea or an exclusive bubble tea store every few blocks in most cities in the U.S. — and some even in the suburbs, too. The brightly-colored, Instagram-worthy beverage makes an appearance at just about every fair and festival, as well. Bubble tea is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple, harmless drink like many assume. Just because it has “tea” in the name, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. https://www.instagram.com/p/BT09PxUFZhp/?taken-by=bijububbletea The main ingredients in a bubble tea include sweet tea, milk, tapioca pearls, and alarmingly high levels of sugar and sugar flavoring. The pearls are what make this drink so popular. They’re loved for the way they travel up the bubble tea oversized straw, as well as for their chewy, candy-like consistency. Their…