The very best way to reheat leftover pizza

Pizza is amazing. But you already knew that. What you might not know is the best way to bring back that crispy, cheesy, melty goodness once you’ve stowed it in the fridge overnight (or on the counter โ€” no judgement here.) There are those, of course, who believe leftover pizza is best eaten cold. Yes, cold pizza can be a delicious option. But sometimes you want a warm meal to feed your soul. You want to resurrect the hot and greasy pizza and its gooey cheese you have such fond memories of from the night before. So what’s the best way to bring your pizza back to life? Well, anyone that’s ever been burnt by molten lava cheese can immediately rule out the microwave. Our go-to warmer of so many foods certainly fails the pizza test. You’ll walk away with a rubbery, wet sort of mess. But you do have…