Where to get ‘Game of Thrones’ Wine

In less than one month, Game of Thrones fans will finally get the moment we’ve all been waiting for — the season 8 premiere. In anticipation of the April 14 return, creators of the epic HBO fantasy drama have licensed some GOT-themed products to help you throw the most amazing watch-party ever. While you can stock up on GOT Oreos, GOT beer, and even a 2-pound chocolate dragon egg, no product is more cosplay appropriate than GOT wine. Fans of the show are familiar with the characters they love (and love to hate) slowly sipping big bulbs of wine, while sneering and articulating plans for dominating the seven kingdom and executing enemies. Now you too can sip officially licensed GOT wine — just hopefully with a lot less disdain for your fellow man. Wines are available on the Game of Thrones website. Choose from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Red Wine…

Johnny Walker to release new Game of Thrones whiskey this year

Sadly, Game of Thrones isn’t coming back until 2019, but to help you ease your pain, Johnnie Walker is releasing an official Game of Thrones whiskey named, what else, White Walker. Johnnie Walker announced the new release this week with a 20-second video on social media, featuring the same dramatic music G0T fans have come to love along with the punchline, “Scotch is coming.” https://youtu.be/Y5iEYnAQAMM Little else is known about the new beverage. In response to fans requesting more information, the brand simple replied with: “We’re excited to be partnering with HBO on White Walker by Johnnie Walker, which will launch this fall. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months!” No word on what will make it different from regular Johnnie Walker, but according to Forbes, it will hit stores in fall, just in time to keep you warm. This isn’t the first collaboration Game of Thrones paired with a brand…

Game of Thrones Golden Ale Arrives in Time for Season 7

If you can count on anything in a Game of Throne episode, it’s backstabbing, dragons doing something cool, and a Lannister drinking way too much. So it only seems natural for the hit HBO series to branch out into the theme-drink business. We’ve already welcomed, and loved, the Westeros-inspired wines. Now, if you’re into fandom inspired booze, grab your stein and get ready for the ultimate ale. Ommegang’s Bend the Knee golden ale is a light ale brewed with honey. The results are a a bubbly, beautiful golden brew. The matte black bottles retail for about $11 each, and you can choose your house: The Lannister lion, Stark direwolf, or  Targaryen three-headed dragon. This isn’t Ommegang’s first GOT inspired drafts. They released several beers including Three Eyed Raven in 2015. Find out where you can purchase this tasty adult beverage by using this beer finder, and be sure to stock up! After all, winter is coming.