How to get rid of fruit flies in your home

The weather is warm, and your house is stocked with loads of yummy fresh fruit. This means it’sย prime time to find those pesky little fruit flies floating around your kitchen. Rather than just shoo them away, here’s how to get fly-free in no time. Gnats vs fruit flies When you first spot little black bugs flying around your kitchen, you should make sure it’s a fruit fly and not a gnat. Fruit flies thrive off of rotting fruit or other high-fructose foods. They’re typically reddish orange or dark brown in color. Gnats, on the other hand, are usually grey or black, and tend to live in soil, so if you think it might be those, the issue might not be overripe produce. How did fruit flies get in my house? It might seems like fruit flies just appear spontaneously out of nowhere, or that they miraculously grow from rotting fruit.…