dessert hummus


Brownie batter dessert hummus recipe

Yes, you read that right. This recipe calls for melted chocolate and chickpeas… together! When I learned about “dessert hummus” I couldn’t decide if it was some crazy gimmick or pure, culinary genius. You can now firmly file me in the latter category. If you’re all about the edible cookie dough trend, or if you can’t stop licking the brownie batter from the bowl, this recipe is definitely for you. No raw eggs here! Just protein-and fiber-packed garbanzos, chocolate, a pinch of flaky salt, and a splash of vanilla. It makes a thick and creamy spread, just like regular hummus, except it’s sweet, so it’s great for smearing on breakfast toast. Use it in place of those unhealthy hazelnut spreads. Dip fresh fruit, pretzels, pitas or eat by the spoonful for a healthier alternative to sweet snacking any time of day. And try easy Banana Dessert Hummus, too! 5-ingredient Chocolate…