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8 New Peeps Flavors are hatching this spring

Get your Easter baskets ready. Eight new Peeps flavors are coming just in time for the spring holiday — and the lineup looks more delicious than ever. It just wouldn’t be Easter without these peep-shaped globs of sugar, but starting this spring this year, Peeps fans can pick up the new Sour Cherry flavor from supermarkets nationwide. Other flavors will be exclusive to Target, Krogers, or Walmart. Head over to Target to try the new Peeps “Delight” chicks in Neapolitan, Lemon Sherbet, Orange Sherbet flavors. The Neapolitan Peeps feature a chocolate and strawberry filling. Everyone like a little marshmallow mystery, and at Walmart that’s the flavor you’ll find. Try them out, but stay you’ll have to stay tuned for the big reveal of the flavor closer to Easter. https://www.instagram.com/p/BfTshmrnwc-/?tagged=mysterypeeps And at Krogers, you’ll find your new spring breakfast staple: Pancakes and Syrup-flavored marshmallow Peeps. Of course the regular varieties will still be available…