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All-you-can-eat pizza festival runs out of pizza

An all-you-can-eat pizza festival really only needs to have one thing: pizza. Well, organizers of an event — the Notting Hill Pizza Festival in England — were left saying dough (err doh)! Bellmonte Life ran the event and blamed a broken oven and “overzealous appetites.” Lines lasted an hour for a single slice of pizza, hardly what you’d expect at what should have been a buffet. Two tickets — that promised unlimited pizza — cost around $32, so a piece every hour or so did not satisfy the crowd. This Notting Hill ‘unlimited’ pizza festival is a disaster @bellmontelife. Been here one hour, queued for 50 mins, managed to get 1 slice of pizza so far. Joke. pic.twitter.com/4bicd9VbtI — Alex White (@ATYWhite) May 12, 2018 And when festival-goers actually got a slice, it didn’t look that great: Notting Hill #Pizza Festival is not a good experience AVOID AT ALL COSTS…